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The next level streetart workshop

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The project I introduce to you in the following post was realised in Talence (France) in 2023. If you are looking for a similar work for your institution or just want to find out more about this project, then continue reading. 

Streetart workshop for teenagers (and for the whole neighborhood)

The overall idea was: Having a professional mural made for the neighborhood where everyone, from young to old, was invited to participate in the framing of a streetart workshop.

The main focus was on teenagers, to provide them a fun and educating experience in the framing of a street art project.

This is how the wall is looking

Photo of part of the finised wall
Photo of part of the finished wall

As I was responsible for the wall, the involved associations* where handling the surrounding program. They worked with the teenagers on a podcast, interviewing the neighborhood about how they feel in their surroundings and what can be done to evolve the quartier to the better.

I was coming into the game, when the answers of the residents were transfered to me and I started to work on the sketch, putting all their desires in one piece of art. See the end of this article to find out what the answers of the residents have been.

Here you see the digital sketch made as a plan for painting on the wall
Digital sketch for the wall

The workshop concept

photo of me while teaching

I planned the workshop corresponding to the needs of the group. What was most important to me is to treat the participants, who have been mostly teenagers, as equals. They exactly did the same steps that I do as a professional muralist. My main focus is to evoke lots of confidence and self trust with this kind of workshop.

A photo of me explaining the theory

Each session started with a quick introduction to teach the technique in theory.

We clustered 3 different techniques into each workshop session: doodle grid, line and color. I am transferring the exact knowledge that professional muralists have to execute a big wall painting.

After the theoretical part we went to the wall to paint together on the big surface.

The insane part about this is, literally everyone from the age of 15 can participate, being in a fun and teaching environment while having a super professional outcome.

After a weekend of workshops I then will finish the wall alone, what is necessary to have a professional piece of art that is pleasing to look at, made for the people who see it everyday.

me in front of a white wall with a spraycand and some sprayed heart forms

What the residents say about the wall

"Oh wow this calms me down by just looking at it"

This is one of the many positive feedbacks I got from the neighborhood where this project was realised.

the finished wall in fisheye focus

The residents have been interviewed about how they feel in their environment and what they would like to change. They answered, that it is a very loud and rushing quartier, that they have few places to relax and they wished for a softer environment.

I designed them this piece and realised it together with the participants of the workshop on their parking lot.

In the following photo you see my beloved teenagers and some of the responsibles for this project. This was a truly fulfilling project and I am happy to offer this to other associations, neighborhoods and companies in the future!

Photo of me, the teenagers and the responsibles in front of the wall
Photo of me, the teenagers and the responsibles in front of the wall

Here to the french article written by the association L'Inconnue:

*Involved associations: L'INCONNUE, Frédéric Sévène

Photographers: MC MONIN, David Duprat

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