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Electricity, Water and Connection

3 Steps for creating a mural that represents the company

I was honored to create a celebrational mural for the 130 year jubilee of the Stadtwerke Kufstein. They serve the residents of Kufstein with water and electricity thus creating easier and more comfy life for the people since.

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„We are delighted with the result“ - Daniel Gruber, CEO Stadtwerke Kufstein

Here are the steps to how we came up with the idea of the motive:

Corner-view of the mural
Corner-view of the mural

1 | Finding the vision

They told me their story and their values as a company. The keywords we have found are electricity, water and connection. With that I began to work and found a way to deliver the message through my artistic handwriting.

2 | Translating the idea of electricity, water and connection into my artistic language

Water was an easy task as fluidity and flow are a main focus of my art style, as well as my beloved and calm blueish color palette. But how to handle the electric part then? Electricity I perceive as very dynamic as well but more edgy than a water substance. If you think of a lightning stroke, it draws kind of these zig zag lines. So why not creating a big zoom on these lines to create dimension? That's what I did. In a fluorescent "chantier - yellow" (as a beloved friend would call it) I created these electric strokes as a huge dynamic narrative going broader than the surface of the wall.

A persona was added that can be read as either feminine or masculine or both, depending on the eyes of the observer. Two hands are seen, one holding the logo of Stadtwerke Kufstein, the other one going with the head in a right-warded motion creating a person who is in the flow with the whole identity of energy and connectivity.

The black lines emerging from the logo going around the builing to further enhance the impact Stadtwerke Kufstein has on the city.

For project and comission inquiries send me a message

Digital sketch
Digital sketch

3 | Realisation phase - 5 days for appyling it on the building

With the ready made plan I then came to Kufstein to paint. It took 5 days to paint the 4 walls of the building.

Doodle grid and line
Doodle grid and line

Day 1 the doodle grid and the sketch were applied to the wall.

Day 2 and 3 the color comes to action, filling every spot with the right tones.

Day 4 and 5 all the magic happens, as the fresco finally comes to life with details and final renderings.

Mural halfway done
Mural halfway done

4 | The result

The corporate vision of Stadtwerke Kufstein now solidified into a dynamic, electric and flowing work of art in public space that everyone can enjoy. To have something playful for the eye is proved to elevate the overall spiritual energy of the people and so to say the Stadtwerke now can claim to have unlocked even another form of connection through my handwriting.

“Lilee's artistic realization conveys our vision of sustainability and innovation in a uniquely creative way.”  - Daniel Gruber, CEO Stadtwerke Kufstein


For project and comission inquiries send me a message

Another corner- view of the mural
Another corner- view of the mural

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